Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Set the column width of reports in Oracle APEX

Below is a simple trick to set the width of report columns in Oracle APEX -

Navigate to the interactive report

Click on the column for which you want to set the width

Go to HTML expression under Column Formatting section and type this construct -

<span style="display:block; width:200px">#COLUMN_NAME_OF_REPORT#</span>

For example, in below Interactive Report, I want to change width of column EMPNAME so I enter below construct in HTML Expression -

<span style="display:block; width:200px">#EMPNAME#</span>

When report is run after saving above changes, we can see width of column Empname has been changed as per desired value.


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Force Upper case value in Oracle APEX Text fields

CSS is one of the best ways to quickly customize some of the Apex constructs.

Follow below steps to force Upper or Lower case values in a Text field -

Navigate to the Item Property

Go to Advanced section -> Custom Attributes

Enter below CSS to force Uppercase values:


Enter below CSS to force Lowercase values:


Save and run the page. With above CSS added, as soon as a user enters anything in this field, it will be transformed in Upper or Lower case values.