Saturday, June 4, 2022

How to automate File-Based Data Import (FBDI) Process in Oracle Fusion

 Let's see how we can automate File-Based Data Import process in Oracle fusion. In ERP Cloud, We have 'Load interface Files for Import' ESS job to manually import one-off data files to Oracle Fusion. As this is a manual process, we need to select the data file name which we have uploaded in Oracle Fusionbut what if we want to automate this import process in Fusion ?

Assume, a third party heterogeneous system creates your order data and has new files to be importes in Fusion on periodical basis. Naturally, in such scenarios we would want to automate the data import process.

To achieve this, Oracle Fusion has provided another scheduled process 'Load Multiple Interface Files for Import' in which you don't need to baby-sit and perform the manual load process.

This is how it works -

- FBDI data files would need to be uploaded to the Oracle's Universal Content Management (UCM) server at the - scm/supplyOrder/import - endpoint

- The ESS Process - Load Multiple Interface Files for Import - should be scheduled to execute on a periodic bases. The process accepts three parameters -

1. Import Process - select - Import Orders

2. File Prefix

3. Number of Requests - the number of files to be processed - XXX

- The ESS process will then import order for the latest files which have been uploaded. The latest XXX files matching the file prefix will be loaded.

- This ESS job can be scheduled using the Schedule tab provided under Advanced options -