Sunday, February 14, 2021

How to fix Buyer page issues in R12.2.8

In R12.2.8, many of the seeded OAF pages now have a sort of 'Infinite Scroll' feel for table based data sets. While this is a nice to have change, it sometimes hinders some of the seeded functionalities and there has not been a concrete solution to overcome this.

One of such places is the Buyers page in Purchasing where we can see all existing buyers as well as create new ones. Since the 'Infinite Scroll" has been baked into this page as a default scrolling format, we have been encountering issues in creating new buyers. This issue is so annoying that at times we were just unable to create new buyers.

Below are the details of the issue and the solution to overcome it. I hope it helps many of you who might be facing similar issue on Buyer page in 12.2.8.

In fact, this solution can be applied to any page in 12.2.8 as needed.

Issue details -

In 12.2.8, click on Add Buyer (+) Button as shown below -

Once clicked, the list of existing Buyers is loaded and cursor automatically goes to highlighted field and not to the empty row where we should be entering new buyer details –

Sometimes the blank row cannot be found anywhere even if we scroll up or down.

At times, it's seen somewhere on top or in the middle or even end of the list but it’s very inconsistent and at times simply doesn’t work.

Also, if users click + sign multiple times (assuming it didn't work in first attempt), then it adds multiple blank rows making the form completely unusable as it prevents you from saving your entry because it expects you to populate values in all blank rows (generated by multiple clicks) and there is no delete option to get rid of these blank rows.

Issue fix -

The only way of fixing this buggy behavior is to personalize the page in question. Please follow below steps to do so.

1. Personalize Buyers Table on Buyer page -

2. Personalize Advanced Table: Buyers Table -

3. Set ‘Row Navigation Policy’ to ‘Page’ at desired levels (Default is Scroll) -

4. Click Apply and Return to Application

5. Now if you click on + sign to add a new buyer, the new blank row will appear on top and the frame will show Previous and Next options and eliminating the above issue. This can be done on any other pages as needed.

Hope this helps you in fixing the issues caused by Scroll navigation policy in 12.2.8 pages. You can implement this solution on any 12.2.8 OAF page to revert to page level navigation.