Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) Jobs and Tables in Oracle Fusion

In Oracle EBS, we have Standard Request Submission (SRS) that takes care of all our concurrent requests. 

In Oracle Fusion/ERP Cloud, Enterprise Scheduler Service (aka ESS) does the job of running/scheduling all the processes.

This can be accessed by navigating to hamburger menu on left top corner, then go to Tools -> Scheduled Processes

We can search for specific processes that have been already run or Schedule/Run a new process -

Now, let's discuss about the ESS tables. By using these tables, we can see the details of history ESS jobs which is very similar to FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table in Oracle EBS.

Below are the tables we need to get ESS job history details -



Query -

  SELECT r.requestid,
    FROM fusion.ess_request_history r, fusion.ess_request_property v
   WHERE definition LIKE '%Pay%' AND r.requestid = v.requestid
   ORDER BY r.requestid,

Output -