Sunday, April 25, 2021

How To Create List of Values (LOV) for ESS Job Parameters in Oracle Fusion

Once you have created a custom ESS job in Oracle Fusion, naturally there'll be need to have custom parameters and some of them may need to have LOVs associated with them. Unlike in EBS, we cannot create table type LOVs in Fusion. So let's see how we can achieve this here.

- Navigate to Setup and Maintenance

- Navigate to Manage Common Lookups

- Create custom Lookup and enter corresponding Lookup Codes

-  Navigate to Manage ESS Job Definitions

- Navigate to Manage List of Values Sources

- Associate List of Value Source Definition with custom Lookup -

List of Values Source Definition Name - oracle.apps.fnd.applcore.lookups.model.publicView.CommonLookupPVO

- Navigate to ESS Job Registration and Create Parameter

- Add parameters

- Create Dependencies and provide the Lookup Type in Default Value


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

How to create a new ESS Job in Oracle Fusion

Let's see how to create a new ESS Job for any of our reports in Oracle Fusion. Once created, the report can be run like a concurrent request by scheduling an ESS process.

Below are the steps to create a new ESS job - 

- Navigate to the Setup and Maintenance


- Search and open 'Manage Enterprise Scheduler Job Definitions and Job Sets for Financial, Supply Chain Management, and Related Applications'


- Click on + icon to create a new ESS Job for the desired report

- Enter all necessary fields as shown in the example below -

Report Id - This should match the actual path of your BIP report .xdo file (e.g. BIP/FAMassAdditionsReport.xdo)

- Save and Close

- The ESS Job for our report has been registered

- Navigate to Scheduled Processes

- Schedule New Process

- Enter the newly created job - XXTest ESS Job

- Submit

- We can see the job has been successfully completed -