Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Lexical Parameters in Seeded BIP Reports in Oracle Fusion Cloud

So you want to customize a seeded report, say add a new column, but when you try to edit the query, it shows a pop-up asking you to enter values for Lexical References for all lexical parameters in the seeded query.

Now as we don't know the values for these lexical references and we cannot eliminate these from seeded query otherwise the report will stop working, we are not able to proceed with our custom changes.
It usually looks something like this:

So what's the solution to this problem ?

Here's the solution -

Oracle recommends to perform the data model customization in the following manner:

- Navigate to xmlpserver and download the data model in the custom folder as xdmz file

- Unzip this file and modify _datamodel.xdm using text editor

- One opened, locate your main query and make changes directly in the query

- In case you are adding a new column, make sure to create a new XML tag for this new columns. The new column won't appear in the Data Model (in front-end) without this step.

- Zip it back and rename it back to xdmz

- Upload xdmz back to the custom folder

- Now you'll see the modified query and the new column in the data model:

Note: The changes to the data model should be done gradually and by iterating the process until the desired effect is achieved.

Using this approach, you will avoid getting the pop-ups requesting values for lexical parameter when the customization is done through the front-end in traditional way.


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

How To Enable Custom DFFs in OTBI Subject Areas in Oracle Fusion Cloud

So, you have defined a bunch of DFFs but wondering why they don't appear in the corresponding subject areas when you build an OTBI Analysis ?

Well, let's see how you can enable them for BI analysis purposes and use in OTBI. 

Below are the steps to enable a DFF for BI / OTBI Analysis/Reporting

- Navigate to Setup and Maintenance


- Change Functional area to the desired one.e.g. Financials


- Search for something like Manage%<module>%Flexfields

e.g. Manage%Receivables%Flex%


- Open the Task

Enter the desired Flexfield Code (e.g. RA_CUSTOMER_TRX%)

Click Search

- Select the desired DFF and click Edit

- Select the Segment and click Edit


- Scroll all the way down and Enable the option ‘BI Enabled’

- Save and Close

Now, navigate to Scheduled Processes

Schedule New Process – 

Import Oracle Fusion Data Extensions for Transactional Business Intelligence

Run it for desired functional area (e.g. Financial Reporting)


Let the program finish. (It may take some time to complete).

If Process completes in Warning -

As per Doc ID 1616574.1, even if the process ends in a Warning, the Flexfield import will complete therefore the functionality of the job is not adversely affected.

Once process is finished -

- Navigate to Catalog and open the desired subject area

- You should see the DFF fields are now available in the subject area –