Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Deployment process for OAF controller classes in R12.2.x

 - When it comes to deployment of OAF classes, R12.2.x moves away from conventional Oracle Applications Server setup to Weblogic server and jar concept comes into the picture.

- Here are the steps to follow to deploy controller classes in 12.2 –

1. Move the controller class file to the desired product top under JAVA_TOP

(e.g. $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/xxcustom/oracle/apps/icx/por/req/webui)

2. Attach extended controller to OAF page via personalization

3. Generate the product jar file. This can be done by running ‘adcgnjar’ utility in UNIX.

This needs WebLogic credentials so DBA team needs to perform below task -

Run adcgnjar utility and regenerate product jar file (customall.jar) for <product> (e.g. XXAP)

adcgnjar generates and signs a file named customall.jar file containing the custom Java and BC4J code and extensions. The customall.jar file resides on $JAVA_TOP as indicated by CLASSPATH.

It internally performs the following steps:

- Creates a temporary file that contains all the directories under $JAVA_TOP except the oracle, META-INF, and policies directories.

- Generates and signs the customall.jar file with the contents of the file.

- Deletes the temporary file.

4. Bounce oacore and apache server, as needed.

Please note, since introduction to WebLogic in 12.2, adcgnjar utility and oacore bounce require WebLogic password, hence usually DBA team performs these two tasks.



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