Wednesday, July 7, 2021

SOAP Webservice to Run a BI Publisher Report in Oracle Fusion

What if we want to create a process in Oracle Fusion, similar to an outbound interface (in EBS) where we write complex queries and the program output is fed to an external system ?

Look no further ! Oracle has provided a webservice ExternalReportWSSService with 'runReport' operation which helps to run a report which is on BIP of Oracle ERP Cloud and retrieve the output in base64 format.

Webservice details -

Webservice - ExternalReportWSSService

Operation - runReport

Service WSDL URL: https://servername/xmlpserver/services/ExternalReportWSSService?WSDL

Below is the Sample payload for this Webservice -

Here, we need to mention the absolute path of the report and we can also pass all necessary parameters to the same.

Once successful, the output will be in Base64 format similar to following sample -

The triggering heterogeneous would be able to decode the Base64 output into plain text and consume the same for further processing.



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