Friday, July 22, 2022

How to import Lookup Types and Codes using File Based Loader

So, we want to create Lookup Types and Upload Lookup Values but as we have a huge data volume at hand, we want to use some kind of bulk upload method. Let's see how this can be achieved.

- We need to create the import files inclusive of all mandatory and optional columns to import the lookup data. We should use the pipe ‘|’ as delimiter and save it with the .csv file extension.

- Create separate files for Lookup Types and Lookup Codes

- Sample Lookup Type File -

- Sample Lookup Codes File -

- Now, let's upload the files to UCM server

- Navigate to Tools section and click the File Import and Export

- Click the Upload icon in the Search Results section

- Select ‘setup/functionalSetupManger/import’ from the Account drop-down list

- Browse and select the import files

- Click Save and Close

- Search result should look something like this

- Go to Setup and Maintenance

- Search for the 'Manage Standard Lookups' task or the 'Manage Common Lookups' task

- Click Actions and select Import

- Select the Account where you imported the files 'setup/functionalSetupManger/import'

- Provide full name of the files to be imported, including the .csv extension

- Click Upload

- We should see the progress of upload like below

- We can download the log file and it shuold show the summary of the import life below

- Now, we can search of our newly created Lookup Type and it should show us all the details including all the imported Lookup Codes



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