Monday, December 19, 2022

How to customize Workflow Notifications in Oracle Fusion Cloud

Wondering how to customize an existing approval workflow notification to add a new field ?
Let's see how it can be achieved in Oracle ERP Cloud.

Let’s say we want to add GL Account Description to the GL Journal Approval Workflow Notification.

Normally, most of the workflow notification are based on BI Publisher model. So let's see which one is the seeded model for GL Journal Approval.

- Navigate to BI Publisher Catalog in your environment

- In the Folders pane, expand the Shared Folders -> Financials -> Workflow Notifications -> General Ledger -> Journals folder

- Locate ' Journal Approval Report

- Click More and select Customize option

- This will automatically create a custom copy of this report under Shared Folders -> Custom -> Financials -> Workflow Notifications -> General Ledger -> Journals folder

- Now, lets modify this report to add our new customizations so that they will reflect in the email notifications.

- Open the report and click on Edit button

- This will download the template file (RTF)

- Open the template file. It should look like this -

- Modify the template and add the new column COMBINATION_DESCRIPTION under CLINE_ACCOUNT column

- This field should pertain to COMBINATION_DESCRIPTION column which is already available in the seeded data model

- Save the template and upload to the custom version of Journal Approval Report. You would need to delete the existing template and upload a new one with the same name as original 'Journal Approval Email Notification' by using the modified RTF file.

- Once you click Upload, the Journal Approval Report page will return to the thumbnail view of the report layout templates.

- You can review/verify the newly uploaded template details by clicking the View a list link. Save Report to finalize the changes.

- Once these steps are done, the new customization is in place and should automatically take effect.

Configurable workflow notifications are refreshed every 24 hours so that they perform better for your users. But when you're making changes to reports, sub-templates, or data models, you can apply your changes sooner so they're available for testing. Create profile options to control when notifications reflect your changes after you upload them to the BI catalog. When you're done configuring notifications, use the same profile options to turn the refresh back to every 24 hours, to optimize performance. But even if you don't, the refresh automatically resets to 24 hours when it's been more than eight hours since you set the profile options.

If you don't wish to wait for 24 hours :
You can Create Profile Options to Control the Refresh
Your profile options can apply to all workflow tasks, a product family, or a product. Based on the scope you want, your profile option must have a profile option code that follows a certain format.

- Once the customization is in place, it should reflect in the subsequent workflow notifications. We can see the account description is shown in the Journal Approval notification with this change -



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