Friday, August 19, 2022

How To Retrieve Query for BICC VO in Oracle Fusion Cloud

So, you are wondering how to retrieve the actual database query behind any VO in BI Cloud Connector (BICC) ? Here's how we can do it.

- Log in to BI Analytics as user with BI Administration privilege.

Navigation path: BI domain → Analytics → Administration

- On Administration page, navigate to Issue SQL option

- Enter physical SQL as below:
select_physical * from
"<VO Name>"
WHERE 1<> 1

select_physical * from
WHERE 1<> 1

- Click Issue SQL

- Click View Log option and download the log file

- In the log file, search for string "query to database". It should looks like this -

- Copy the complete query and format it. It will look like this -

- Now, this is the true underlying query issued at database level.



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