Friday, June 16, 2023

Oracle Business Network - Punchouts

Punchouts let you integrate account-based stores with your procurement system.

This integration allows a buyer who is logged into a procurement system to access a Commerce storefront, view items from the assigned catalog, add items to the cart, and return to the procurement system.

Once the procurement system approves the purchase, it sends supplier a purchase order, which becomes a sales order on their end.

Traditionally, punch-outs can be configured in the Oracle iProcurement portal but this functionality can also be achieved via Oracle Business Network (OBN).

Traditional Punchouts EBS:

Traditional Setup Challenges:

- Individual certificate management for each vendor

- Connectivity handshake/errors, errors in returning carts

- Catalog Administration maintenance

Punch-out Process through OBN:

- The buyer logs on to iProcurement. 

- Buyer clicks a link to the supplier site from iProcurement. 

- OBN authenticates the requester and sends a punchout request to the supplier.

- The supplier site responds to OBN.

- OBN forwards the supplier site response to iProcurement.

- iProcurement redirects the requester’s browser to the supplier site for shopping.

- Once buyer finishes shopping, the supplier site returns the shopping cart items to iProcurement via the requester’s browser. 

- Buyer completes the checkout process, and iProcurement processes the order.

OBN Configurations:

- Navigate to PunchOut section

- Click on Add Punchout button

- This should show a pop-up containing all the available Punchouts from various vendors who have registered on OBN

- Select the desired Punchout from the list and click Add Access. Once added, it will appear in Buyer Access section

- Now, navigate to EBS and create a new Punchout Content Zone as below

Punchout URL:
User Name: Your OBN User
Password: Password for above user

- Save and navigate to above Content Zone entry and click below button

- This will present below page from where you need to click Download button

- This will download a file containing the Punchout definition for the configured vendors and they will be available in your catalog for use.

Oracle Business Network – Supported Transactions:

Common Transactions Types:

- Purchase Order - OAG PROCESS PO 007 and cXMLOrderRequest

- Change Purchase Order - OAG CHANGE PO 006 and cXMLOrderRequest Update

- Advance Ship Notice (ASN) - OAG SHOW SHIPMENT 005 and cXMLShipNoticeRequest

- Invoice - OAG PROCESS INVOICE 002 and cXMLInvoiceDetailRequest

Available Document Types:

Oracle Business Network – PO Transmission Setups (EBS)

Lets look at all the EBS configurations needed for PO transmission via OBN

- Certificate Management

Navigate to osn-prod URL and download the certificate as shown below:

- Download and Import above certificate into $INST_TOP/certs/Apache/cwallet.sso

- EBS XML Gateway Hub Definition:

- Trading Partner Setup:

Configure new a new entry for a given supplier using Map 'itg_process_po_007_out' as shown below.

Oracle Business Network – AP Invoice Import Setups (EBS)

- Trading Partner Setup:

Configure new a new entry for a given supplier using Map 'AP_INVOICE_INBOUND' as shown below.

With all above steps completed, you would have Supplier Punchouts, PO Transmission Outbound and AP Invoice Inbound processes configured using Oracle Business Network.



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