Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Bank Transmission Configuration in Oracle Fusion Cloud

In my last post, I explained how to configure Payment Wallet in Oracle ERP Cloud.

Now, lets see how to do Bank Transmission Configuration in ERP Cloud.

- Navigate to Setup and Maintenance

- Click on 'Payments' Functional Area and find the option 'Manage Transmission Configurations'

- Now, we need to create a new Transmission configuration with 'Secure File Transfer Protocol for Static File Names' Protocol.

- Select Protocol = Secure File Transfer Protocol for Static File Names and click Create

- Below table indicates the information we need to gather by contacting the Bank as this information will be used in creating the transmission configuration in Fusion

Field Name

Field Value

FTP Server IP Address

Bank SFTP server address (e.g. sftp.testbank.com)

FTP Server Port Number

Bank Server Port Number (1000)

FTP Account User Name

User profile name which has access to Bank server (e.g. USER_NAME)

Remote File Directory

Bank Server Directory in which payment files will be placed (e.g. /)

Sent File Name

Naming convention for the output file, if desired (e.g. OutputFile.xml)

Client Private Key File

See instructions below

- Now let's see hot to generate Client Private Key File

- Enter a new Client Private Key Password of your choice and click on 'Advanced Create' option in the Client Private Key File drop down

- Select Key Type as RSA and Length as per length confirmed by Bank (Options are 2048 / 3072 / 4096)

- Please make a note of the above Client Key Password as we will need it when we will export the Key-Pair to Content Server

- Once done, it will create the ssh key and the name will appear in Client Private Key File field

- Now, let's export the Public-Private Key-Pair to Content Server

- Click on the Client Private Key File dropdown and click on Export and Delete option

- Enter above password in the popup and click Export

- Save Transmission Configuration and Close.

- Navigate to Content Server and search for the Public-Private Key files

- Here, we will see two files generated, one is .ssh file which is the Private Key residing on Fusion Server and other is .pub file which is the Public Key

- Download the .pub Public Key file and send to the Bank IT Team

- Bank needs to import this Public Key into their server and attach it to the User Account mentioned in 'FTP Account User Name' in above configuration.

- Once Bank confirms the import of the Public Key, we need to come back to the Transmission Configuration and click on Test

- If all the steps are done correctly, we will see success message



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