Monday, March 18, 2024

How to customize the BPM Notifications in Oracle Fusion Cloud

In this post we learned about customizing Workflow Notifications using BIP templates and in this post we learned about customizing the pages using Sandboxes.

Now, let's learn about customizing some BPM Notifications using Sandbox option. 

But before we begin, let's understand Why is this option needed ? This is because there are many BPM Notifications which do not have a BIP component associated with them. In such cases, we cannot customize a BIP template to add our customizations and that's why we need to use Sandboxes to enter and customize such BPM notifications. So let's see how it can be done.

- First, we need to create a Sandbox

- Navigate to Configuration -> Sandboxes

- Create Sandbox

- Select Page Composer tool, give a suitable name for the Sandbox and click Create and Enter

- Now click on the Bell icon (Notifications) and click on Show All button

- Now, click on Worklist button

- This will open the BPM Worklist page

- Navigate to Administrative Tasks option

- Now, lets select 'Any' Option under Status and click Advanced option under Search

- Now, find the BPM task you want to customize, select it and click Ok

- Click Search

- This will show all the notifications matching the search criteria

- Let's click on one of the notifications

- Locate the Edit option on top right corner and click on it

- This will load a new page that provides us the access to customize this BPM Notification

- Let's click on Structure tab

- Now, lets assume we want to add a custom static text in Recommended Actions section

- Let's click on Recommended Actions Section and then click on + sign in the Right Pane

- Click on Components

- Let's select Text component and click Add and then click Close

- Now, we will see a new Text box has been added to this section

- Now, navigate to Add Content tab

- Now, click on Edit Text option under the newly created Text box

- Enter the custom text message in the box and click Done Editing

- Now click on Close button

- This will take us back to the list of all the BPM Notifications based on our search

- Let's click on any of the notifications in this list

- A pop-up will show this notification and we will be able to see our changes are reflecting under Recommended Actions section

- Now, we have successfully incorporated the BPM Notification customization but it's still not available to any other user in this environment since the Sandbox has not been published

- Let's close the BPM Worklist page and click on our Sandbox name in left top corner and click on Publish

- This will show a pop-up asking for confirmation. Click Yes

- This will take us to the Sandbox details Page where we will be able to see the Page Composer under the Active Tools section and we will also see the actual Page (.jspx file) that we modified by doing the BPM Notification Customization

- Let's click on Publish. This will ask us the final confirmation because this action cannot be undone. Click on Yes to publish these changes so that the customized BPM Notification is available to all the users in this environment

That's it. With these steps, we have successfully customized a BPM Task Notification using Sandbox feature.



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